Gladiator Servers Helmet

Gladiator Servers has a single mission, 'Providing the Ultimate Arena'.

We believe every Gamer is like a Gladiator, and deserves to fight, die, and respawn within 'The Ultimate Arena' ...In this case, The Ultimate Game Server.

In creating that Ultimate Arena, we've utilized:
  • The Latest Generation, Gladiator Owned, AMD Servers.
  • Internap's High-Performance and Low-Latency Network.
  • Our Own Advanced Control-Panel-- Developed Fully In-House.
We will be delivering awesome Game Servers, Voice Servers, and Dedicated Servers to the Public later this year!

Can't wait until then?   Click below to apply for our beta testing program. If accepted, you'll receive a FREE Game and/or Voice Server for up to 3 months!